DSS Kilts is Canadian based company. we rejuvenate the culture of Scottish wears with the latest fashion trend. Wearing a kilt is so much more than just the act of wearing it; it encompasses and shows off everything you love about your Scottish heritage in a way that is iconic and stylish. Great care is taken to ensure that the kilt fits perfectly and is a proud symbol of the wearer’s lineage. We are a manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of kilts and kilt accessories. We exercise on lean manufacturing activities by using high quality materials in our state-of-the-art facility, in order to supply the best quality product to our customers at a competitive price.

We offer to our customer:

We offer a large variety of kilts outside of standard tartan kilts. We also offer utility kilts that feature just as much functionality and storage as they offer style, as well as hybrid kilts that combine the best of both worlds between tartan and utility kilts. Leather and denim kilts are also available for those who want to express their personalities through kilt wearing in a different way and for those who want more options when it comes to where and when you can wear these kilts.

Our kilts are not only fashioned out of the highest quality materials and made into versatile styles, but we also offer the ability to further customize our kilts. Our tartan kilts offer a vast selection of colors, patterns and cuts. With these kilts, we also offer you to include the different types of hardware that you prefer with your kilt, such as buttons and loops, and you cannot only pick the type but also the metal they are fashioned out of.

Besides the kilts themselves, we also offer different kilt accessories that you can use to make your look stand out more or to achieve a full Scottish kilt dress. This includes a variety of different sporrans made from just as many materials, kilt hose, kilt flags, hats, shoes and more. In this way, you can achieve traditional Scottish kilt dress by curating matching pieces from one single shop to save you plenty of time and money.

Our specialty:

we create high-quality kilts that feel great and look even better. We strive to create kilts that will not only satisfy the expectations you have for them, but kilts that will exceed them as well.

We customize all kind of kilt especially for plus sizes with no extra charge. All our kilts are made by our kilt specialize tailors out of the absolute best materials. Like the artisans of the past, we make our kilts to measure to your exact specifications.

Quality Kilts at Right Prices:

We are passionate about giving every single person who wants to wear a kilt the ability to do so. Part of this lies in the way that all our top-quality kilts come at a low price in order to make them more accessible to our buyers. Our workers are efficient, and we get our materials in a way that minimizes costs for us, so that we can transparently reduce the cost for our customers as well.