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Designer Kilts

These are hybrid kilts that are designed by NK Scottish Designer .100% Durable Black Cotton Jeans & 13 oz Acrylic Tartan Wool Fabric. Modern Design with Cross Tartan Strips on Front Apron, Cargo Pockets & Pockets Flaps.

The word kilt comes from the Scots word kilt meaning to tuck up the clothes around the body, although the 11th edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica (vol. … 798) says the word is Scandinavian in origin. The Scots word derives from the Old Norse kjalta (meaning lap, a fold of a gathered skirt).

There are many categories of kilts such as

Hybrid Kilts

Denim Kilts

Utility Kilts

Tartan Kilts

Two-Tone Kilts

Tactical Kilts

Kilts for men

Hybrid Kilts for men

DSS kilt is a Canadian Based company. We rejuvenate the culture of Scottish wear with the latest fashion trends. Wearing a kilt is so much more than just the act of wearing it encompasses and shows off everything you love about your Scottish heritage in a way that is iconic and stylish hybrid kilts.

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